Saturday, November 13, 2010

HARDEST drawing so far...365 Days of Drawing


This was surely the hardest drawing for me in the year's challenge so far. I decided to stick with it and have repeatedly shown up to the paper battling it since Tuesday, so five sittings in all.

I am glad I stuck with it, now ready to move on. The bust of this veiled lady was made by the Italian sculptor Raffaelle Monti, 1818 - 1881, and no
w resides in Chatsworth House in England. I saw it quite some time ago in the challenge and knew I would draw it one day - and I also knew it would take me quiet a while. Getting that expression under the veil with such small shapes to work with was not so easy. I really did almost give up.

I am left humbled by sculptors/sculptures like this. How on earth did they carve a veil in marble when I struggle to do it in pastel???? I remember on my first visit to Rome a few years ago being more blown away by the sculpture, particularly Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1598-1680, Naples, than anything else. His sculptures were nothing short of miraculous. Pure genius. Just look at his work, which I post here.


ivanka k said...

Thanks for your comments which you posted on my blog. Really appreciated and I think I blushed also ;). Your challenge is great in fact I admire you because I started the same a while ago but never finished and I think I should start again and push myself. You are absolutely right about the sculptures there is so much beauty in them - the movement, the mood and the skill they are made with, sometime leave me speachless.

Anonymous said...

Johanna, this brought me back to when I visited the Auguste Rodin Museum in Paris several years ago. Like you, I look at this kind of work in absolute awe. His work is spectacular, though I don't remember him doing anything exotic like veils and things. In any case, congratulations for sticking with a project to completion! Your work, too, is awesome and beautiful.

David Magallanes

Marian Fortunati said...

I agree, David... So often we can be awed by creative and hard working talented people.... Johanna is one of them!!

LindaHunt said...

Congratulations....looking forward to whatever challenge to set up.