Wednesday, December 15, 2010

17 Days To Go...365 Days of Drawing

I have drawn so far for 347 days in 2010, in an unbroken challenge to myself to draw daily for a minimum of 30 minutes (most days way more), NO MATTER WHAT!

I have just 17 days left to go. Barring a disaster, January 1st will be my LAST drawing for this yearly challenge.

At this point, this drawing work horse has left the stable and will reach the finish. A bit tired from all the hurdles and sheer length of the race, not expecting a ribbon or recognition, but knowing she achieved something she never thought she could do. Knowing she grew as an artist from the daily discipline, some days extremely hard to muster.

I am trying not to make it a sloppy, complacent end, falling over the finish line with a splat rather than a leap. I want a grand-stand effort, just for myself!

Here are my drawing efforts for the last three days. The first done over two nights in two half hour sittings, block-in and finish. The third, my teaching class demo at The California Art Institute today. Whenever I have painted a model from life I have counted it for the daily drawing challenge as it sure involves drawing.

Leap of splat? You tell me.


Roseanne said...

you do not splat...not in your character my dear friend!!! You will proudly LEAP over the finsih line knowing you kept to the integrity of your word and shared with all of us the "fruits" of your hard work!!!

Cant' wait to see all in a showing and of course the book!!!

FCP said...

All together it looks more like a graceful stride. (Looking forward to the book, too)

Peggi Habets said...

Hi Joanna,
I've been following your posts this past year and, although I rarely had time to post a comment, I want to congratulate you on your HUGE accomplishment. I've watched with admiration at your tenacity and determination to contine to draw and post, even when you weren't happy with the results. I'm sure the results of your efforts will and over when you least expct it.

David Magallanes said...

I think all of us "fans of Johanna" are impressed and inspired (not to mention "fascinated") by your accomplishment, Johanna. Your talent has a way of evoking the beauty of the human visage, and this is what continues to attract me to your art.

Marian Fortunati said...

Can't top what David said... only agree.

Johanna.. I absolutely love that top drawing!!!... They're all great but that top one is masterful!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

thank you all!