Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Queen Mum...365 Days of Drawing

12 Days to Go

One thing leads to yesterday's daily challenge portrait of Kate Middleton found me in the middle of royal blog sphere land in particular this one http:// run by a lady called Ella Kay. A fun site. Oh, how I would love to hang with this gal and chat over a glass or two, THE royal fan that I am.

She also runs a few other charming royal blog sites too listed on The Daily Kate where I found an equally charming old photo of The Queen Mum when she was very young. Rumor has it according to this blog sphere that this might be the tiara Kate wears on her wedding day.

I knew I had to draw The Queen Mum with my own twist on the photo of course. I post the block-in from one day's sitting and the finish today.


David Magallanes said...

Johanna, I think your portrait of Miss Kate is impactful. You've captured her stunning beauty, and like you we're all wondering what will become of her, hoping that she will handle the enormous pressures that await her with the grace that she's displayed so far.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

David, time will tell. She is going to be under enormous pressure...thanks for your supportive posts. really appreciate.