Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shake it up...365 Days of Drawing

I have been trying to shake it up a bit in my somewhat brief teaching class demos at CAI -as I talk a lot and work on students' paintings. So much to do in only a three hour class.

I know what I can do around a 16 x 20, or 18 x 24, demo after teaching for a while and doing public demos for lots of art groups in and around LA - but I got a bit tired of the same ol', same ol', I thought I was doing or maybe relying on, around time constraints and getting the teaching message across.

So this semester and last, I have gone for much smaller canvases, different crops, different lighting, not always that successful but pushing me not only as an artist but also as a teacher. This one paid off more than others, 5x9, about an hour of painting. I liked her expression and the simplicity of it all.


Shelley Smart said...

Very lovely. So pensive.

David Magallanes said...

She's lovely, Johanna. I loved watching you paint last night at your studio. It's fascinating to see a rough draft become another masterpiece!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

thank you! Simple but I like it.