Friday, December 24, 2010

SCARY EGGNOG MOMENT...365 Days of Drawing

I had a scary moment last night. I almost forgot to draw for the day. Gasping in horror at the dinner table, a couple of glasses of eggnog/wine in, in I ran to the sketch pad.

This has only happened once before on July 4th when I was at a party and had to rush home to do draw to meet the 24 hour period.

It scared me tho' that I am so close to the end of the daily challenge and my mind body and soul clearly wants it to be all over now. I don't need a careless eggnog slip-up.

With 18 coming people for lunch Xmas Day, four family friends arriving from Australia today to stay, my own family/daughters visiting, beds to be made up, cooking, cleaning and, did I mention, wanting to enjoy it all, the challenge aspect is ever present and to be honest a real drag at this point.

I had my family last night set a 'reminder" alarm to draw for the next SEVEN days so there are no slip ups to ruin a daily challenge thru' the year. That would make me hit the eggnog hard and I don't even like eggnog.


Shelley Smart said...

Merry Christmas, Johanna!

David Magallanes said...

Johanna, I continue to draw inspiration from your fierce dedication. I will plan to write daily, just as you committed to drawing daily. You're my role model! I can only imagine what it must be like to welcome so many people into your life over the holidays, and STILL remain faithful to your goal. I'll see you in your studio sometime early in the new year, after our lives have settled back into their routines, to chat and catch up. I also plan to show you my mother's pencil sketch from when she was a teen. Have an enjoyable holiday with your family, Johanna!

Marian Fortunati said...

I too admire your dedication. I know you'll enjoy your family and guests all the same.

PS.... Congratulations on your new challenge!!! I saw the write up in the Ventura County paper!!!! Way to go girl!!!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you everyone. A very Happy New Year to you all and your families.