Friday, February 19, 2010

Bravo Miss Josie Baggley!

I love other people's paintings. I battle with my own art for most of the time so there is a delight for me in other artists' work that I admire and I have been lucky to collect over the years some amazing pieces that give me great joy. I also enjoy the whole spectrum, from contemporary to classical. People are surprised by this when they visit my home.

I would often get tense looking at my own work on the walls of my old home knowing the struggle involved. I tend toward the dark side. Ha. My old home was woodsy/ cabin. It fit the style of my paintings somewhat well.

My new home is super bright and breezy. So far there is only ONE tiny painting hanging done by me. I think this is good. The decks are cleared. New things are opening up...I can feel the uncertain shift in my art which is exciting.

Those of you reading this blog, already know I admire the work of Rainey J. Gibney of The Josie Baggley Company, , based in Ireland by way of France which is how we met.

She and her contemporary whimsical art inspire me. I think she has a very original voice in a way that I personally admire. It makes me aspire for more of that in my own art. I see SO MANY paintings that are repeats of a certain school or art thinking. And I am certainly guilty of that myself. But really, there are so many!!!! Competent but YAWN. The original surface to the top like cream on an old pint of milk. And I do like cream in most things.

So this painting I post, "Candy Floss", by Rainey J. Gibney, which I am sure woke you up, I have been in love with for a while. It is A COMPLETE ORIGINAL. I put it on my screen saver while recently traveling to the east coast and artists who saw it, many of a classical-bent like me, wanted to KNOW who had done it. Precisely who. It wasn't a casual conversation.

"Candy Floss" CAUGHT their eye just like it did mine.

I am so thrilled to say, I am shortly going to be hanging this painting on my wall. It makes me feel abundant and reminds me when I look at it, that an original ART VOICE is THE most important thing. This painting just speaks volumes to me on so many levels. Great art does. And we don't of course all have to agree.

Congrats, Miss Rainey. You got it gal.

Hear, hear! BRAVO.

It goes without saying this image is copyrighted by Rainey J. Gibney...


Jo Archer said...

Oh you lucky thing! I love all of Rainey's work, but this was always one of my special favourites. Enjoy!

The Josie Baggley Company said...

I'm thrilled to implosion that you think I am cream!
Thankyou for your generous words Johanna.. they've given me such a boost.

Shelley Wendland said...

This is wonderful! Oh, to be so original!

I agree with everything you said here! Bravo!


mermaiden said...

Rainey is a brilliant gem, and it's a perfect pairing of a friendship for the two of you!