Monday, February 8, 2010

Sit for a while..., 365 Days of Drawing

Well, I am definitely in a whimsical french-pink mood with my drawings just now. Maybe I will just move to France this week. Oops I forgot, I am going to New York.

Fun/busy week ahead. Portrait client to visit today of a darling little girl, then a portrait commission and a still life to ship out to The South. A class to teach. A photo shoot and head study of a sitter in New York on Friday for a publishing family. A weekend workshop with Mr. Kinstler at The Arts Students' League of New York, I think my seventh year doing that. YES!!!! Always marvelous and challenging. Where does the time go? Then some landscape painting in the east coast snow for a few days. Brrrrr...

One this is for sure, the pink phase is soon over. It will be heads for the rest of the week in preparation for the weekend.

Phew, you are all relieved. Oui?

Approx. 8" x 8"

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