Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cyrstal Breath! 365 Days of Drawing...All Things French

You eagle-eyed folks took my crystal breath away with your powers of observation.

There were some funny suggestions on Facebook though, a zipper, a potted plant in a wired basket: you gotta laugh.

Here is my chandelier. I think I almost prefer the block in better. The final chandelier got rather linear, the block-in more mass-like and abstract in approach which I prefer.

So I am starting a new thing today. This drawing challenge has got me thinking as something challenging often does. I am realizing how much I have been influenced my recent residency in France, the things I saw there, the things I felt. Most of all the sensual sights and sounds that make the french so, well, french! When I returned I just wanted to wrap the experience up in a nice tidy box and store it away for later use. Happy that I had done it, proud even, but ready to move on. It wasn't the easiest time in my life.

People I love and trust told me the real gain in my art would be sometime later after my return, not necessarily the work I did there. The subconscious works in mysterious ways.

It has dawned on me recently that I am often drawing what I saw there. The drawings have a decidedly french flavor I am realizing. So I am going to revisit France every day here and share a photo I took there that I think works with each drawing. A double art whammy. 365 Days of All Things French.

This photo is of an old green glass perfume bottle that I took in abandoned caves near the ocean that used to be lived in by humans. A beautiful eau de parfum bottle survived the test of time and all the elements possible. Should I have been sketching it instead you ask? Well, it was too darn drafty in those caves for this aspriring draughtsman.

All drawings and photos copyrighted/Johanna Spinks

Julie Hill. You get the prize. Email me your address and I will send you a drawing.

10" x 12"


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Oh yaye for me... I am so excited...I really get a SPINKS drawing!!! whahoo........