Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peep, Peep, Watch The Birdie...365 Days of Drawing...

It was a packed class yesterday for the last day of the teaching semester at CAI including two dogs and one bird named Peep! A true art menagerie.

Peep was the model Jennifer Fabos' pet and was incredible as was she in her Victorian get-up.

AS for my performance, there was a lot of painting on other people's work. Some terrific work going on in the room. I was proud to be these students' teacher.

I felt MY color harmony on my demo could have been much much better so I may have another go today. I was watching the new BRAVO TV show about artists last night doing a set art challenge. One woman said it was not her "art process" to work this way.

I realized I really do have an 'art process' of my own to create something I consider worth while.

Teaching well necessitates stopping and starting on my own demo in class, not particularly conducive to my art process but essential if one is to be a 'hands-on" teacher. This is the decision I make as a teacher. To let go.


Shelley Smart said...

Peep sure is cute!

I, too, watched that Art challenge show. I loved it! But that woman with the process sure annoyed me! When I was in art school studying graphic design, many of the so-called fine arts instructors had her same attitude. The real reason she didn't bother to do a good job on the book cover was not so much about her "process," but because she judged "real" art to be above "practical" art (as in graphics). Grrrrr. One of my profs thought graphic design students were "selling" themselves and refused to give any of them an A on principle. He himself had sent out like 500 resumes to get a job teaching art. Hmmm. One day I just copied his every drawing gesture and he was profuse with the compliments. Gag me.

But hey, I loved your class! And the animals just make it all the more fun!


Marian Fortunati said...

I always loved being in your class... Lucky students!!!!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

That's interesting Shelley. Her work was very average all around I thought. Great to have attitude if you are delivering good art! Ha. The young guy who is always tired is the real genius in the group. He shines. A real tortured brilliant artist. Thanks for being in the class this semester. You are always a joy to have around. YOu did some great work too.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Marian. Thank you. I sure miss you.