Monday, August 30, 2010

EAT, PRAY, HANDS...365 Days of Drawing

I finally got to see 'Eat Pray Love' yesterday and realized it was the first movie I had seen in a theatre since perhaps 'Julie and Julia' which started this darn unbroken challenge almost eight months ago.

I rushed home from the movies, not to chant calming things, but to draw hands. I spent my weekend's drawing challenge time doing two sittings with hands on this one page.

I felt I needed a refresher.

Don't forget. Post your thoughts on the challenge, for the next 24 hours, to win the painting below. I am picking my favorite comment to win the painting as a thank you for the support.


Kelley Sanford said...

I find the hands the hardest to capture. These are beautiful drawings.

Becky Joy said...

Johanna, You certainly are an inspiration. Sometime soon I will start spending more time drawing.