Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whassa Big Deal Anyways?...365 Days of Drawing

Time flies when you are engaged in what you are doing and that has been one of the real challenges of this daily drawing challenge, month NINE starting tomorrow, to stay involved and stimulated each day in the drawing effort.

One artist said to me about my challenge: "What's the big deal?, I draw every day anyway." Yes, but do you really? On top of the studio day. On top of the little thrills and spills of daily life thrown our way.

And then post it for the world to see. A bad drawing is going to sting.

MY daily effort remains uninterrupted so far. It hasn't been easy some days. Today's drawing I was very engaged in and hope to paint it today. I just have to get some troublesome hands and arms done to finish a commission and meet a deadline. Those little thrills and spills...


Kelley Sanford said...

Another great drawing. And as far as the "what's the big deal", producing on demand is a hard challenge. As someone who teaches, is a care giver and an working artist, I totally agree, it is a BIG DEAL. You should be proud of nine months of accomplished drawings. You go girl!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Congrats on getting to month no. 9. It isn't easy to draw or paint happens! You teach, you paint, you draw, you do commissions. A lot to accomplish. I have only known your work since DPO, but I have to say that I really enjoy the corset pictures with the hint of glitter. Beautifully suggestive. Smooth sailing for the next 5 months!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you Kelley for your continued support. I know YOU get it.

Thank you Catherine. Your feedback is most valued by me.