Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Face of Ventura Project

Another day, another amazing sitter, Lynn Mikelatos, for my Face of Ventura Project with The Ventura Breeze newspaper.

55 people will be painted from the town in a single sitting from life to reflect the town, each image and the sitter's unique story appearing in each edition of The Breeze. So far 14 people have been painted.

I was really sick this day. But the job had to get done in a timely fashion for the newspaper deadline as I had to travel. NO matter how kindly the newspaper publisher Sheldon Brown is, he would not think kindly of a blank hole in his paper.

A challenge is a challenge, no matter how big or small the project you take on. I learned that last year doing 365 Days of Drawing, no matter what. Newspaper deadlines over a two year span, week in, week out, keeps you on your art toes, not to mention your sketches from life appearing for all the world, at least Ventura, to see.

I am enjoying it tho.!


Kim Blair said...

It is fun to see you at working on Lynn's portrait. Someday I must try portraiture... you make it look like quite a bit of fun.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

thanks Kim. It is...