Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick Sketch With A Belly Dancer...

Even belly dancers need a break. This was a super quick sketch demo I did at CAI today in my teaching class. Wish I could have taken it further.

Ever felt that way?

Orange and blue was the color harmony with two light sources set up on the figure, one orange, one blue, to push the theme. This makes it harder for students because it is harder to see the form compared to a raking single source light.

Quite a few students got frustrated with their work for one reason or another...harder for the teacher! No coffee break today for me. I was working flat out.

The model had to move her pose because she was uncomfortable after half an hour of sitting. People complained the about orange and blue lights being in their eyes; two lights on one pose in a teaching room is going to hit someone the wrong way.

YES, it was one of THOSE days! BUT I believe in shaking things up in the teaching room. Shaken but not stirred. Hmmm....

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