Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vermeer - the hottest thing since sliced bread?

My favorite painter Vermeer traded his master pieces for bread just to survive.

I guess he had no time to second guess his art work, never imagining in his wildest croissant dream moment that he would be the hottest thing since sliced bread centuries later, his "Girl With a Pearl Ear-Ring" idolized world-over.

Did he like his paintings when he finished them I wonder? He was a SLOW methodical painter, fastidious in technique, who apparently did very few paintings in his lifetime. Being the bread-winner, got in the way.

Not that I am anything close to a Vermeer, but I promised I would post the' finish' of this painting just off easel, after the earlier 'mushy middle' stage post. I am now in the final stage wondering if a good crusty warm french loaf is in my future.

American Stories By Johanna Spinks, copyrighted.
oil on linen, framed
Shipping $50

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Cris said...

Hi Johanna! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. It is so fulfilling. I am in the running to be featured on Vogue France (their website because of blogging! Isn't blogging fun? Your comments mean a lot as I am inspired by your artwork. Hope to see you soon as well xoxo.