Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Painting- The Mushy Middle Stage

I am at the mushy middle stage of this painting, knowing I will bring it 'home' but quite a lot of work to do still.

I said I would post it again as a 'work in progress' so hope you find it interesting. Those yellow arches on the left will disappear tomorrow. That is the original ground. and there is a lot of tweaking all around that needs to be done.

Most of all, I am working 'inside out'. Finishing an area almost to completion and then working outward from it. I find this a challenge and it is not my usual process but the great master artist Morgan Weistling often works this way and he has inspired me, as he often does, to try new things around old concepts of hanging on to one's drawing, value control, and compostion concept.

Who knows...every painting or sketch has a 50/50 % chance of being a somewhat success or complete disaster. Don't ya think?

PS..unless you are Mr. Weistling.

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