Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Follow Your Bliss

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Opening Night
16 x 20
Oil on linen
Johanna Spinks
To purchase contact artist

Morning friends:

There is always a story behind a teacup. I painted this still life, most of all,  wanting to paint the pink vase, an unusual color for a vase I thought. 

These flowers and vase were given to me by my mentor for the Opening Night of my 365 Days of Drawing Show in 2010.

I need just that little something 'extra' to make things sing. And sure enough, this little silver Christening Cup was waiting for me at the local thrift shop near my studio where I am often to be found.

I found my bliss and it was a snap to paint to complete the painting.

More bliss followed when this still life was later chosen for the cover of the Jack Richeson Still Life Show Book cover.

Always important to follow your bliss, don't you think?

Have a blissful day now.


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