Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Positive thoughts...

"French Brew"
Johanna Spinks

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Morning Friends:

This cup of brew was painted while I was in France doing an international art residency in Dinan with Les Amis de La Grande Vigne. It is very sentimental for me. I was a little nervous on arriving. Would I be able to paint well? What would I find to paint? Would my schoolgirl french get me through. Well, that was rediculous, but you know how those negative thoughts spiral.

So, on my first day I ran into the local cafe off the beaten track and nervously ordered this in said SG french. It was a cold misty morning by the Rance River and the hot brew, and bright sugar packets, hit me just right. Restored my confidence.

This cup was begging to be painted and it was. It was the first painting of about 25 I did the whole month. Every time I look at it, those memories come flooding back.

Isn't it funny, how an image can do that? Much like a song.

Take on the day


Katherine Thomas said...

I love when artwork has a special memory attached to it that only the artist knows... It's a wonderful painting!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thanks Katherine...this one holds a special spot. My daughter actually took ownership of it.