Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Please Persissssst....

Untitled as yet
16 x 20, oil on panel
 By Johanna Spinks, copyright

Close up
Johanna Spinks

Morning friends:

Every felt like giving up on a project or task? Well, I did on this one.

I told myself 'please persist"... it will come to pass. I tell myself that quite often in life actually.

That is exactly what I did on this still life...almost finished bar a few tweaks and value adjustments. That yellow cup on the right needs to be glazed down as it competes with the head. And the fan needs a bit more work.

I started the gold head months ago but then changed direction a few times to finish it.

It's early days after such a long 'persist' to know if it was worth it. But I learned from the persistence so that is reward in itself. A bit like your husband cooking a marvelous dinner in the kitchen, but you have to do the messy clean-up.

Nothing in life is gained without a huge period of persistence sometimes, don't you agree? And then there must be a pregnant pause

Now Go Take On The Hour.


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