Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Sitting Pretty" Museum Portrait Show

Portrait of Howard Boroughs By Johanna Spinks

A touching ribbon cutting celebration today of The Evelyn and Howard Borough's Childrens' Garden at the Museum of Ventura County with Mayor Cheryl Heitman and garden collaborator Barbara Meister. -and of course the fabulous Howard Boroughs. I was so lucky to get to paint this brilliant man.

Thanks also to The Ventura County Star for its'  "Salon to Selfie" article this week featuring my portrait of Howard, currently hanging in the Museum's great "Sitting Pretty" portrait show.

Catch details of this fabulous portrait show here:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Think Pink.

Pink on blonde hair? Yes, I'm most certainly in! A life sitting this week of the lovely Susanna via my palette knife. A hit or a miss? Time will tell, but she sure was a pretty miss. I love getting as much color as I can into places that you wouldn't expect it. Like blonde hair.

Single Life Sitting
Via Palette knife
By Johanna Spinks

Friday, August 21, 2015

Under The Microscope?

Dr. Donna Nofziger Plank
Face of Malibu Sitter Number 34
Kindly featured in The Malibu Times
Story here

Under the microscope? You bet! Painting scientist extraordinaire Dr. Donna Nofziger Plank in a single life sitting, two hours,  for my Face of Malibu portrait project with The Malibu Times. Sitter number 34. Thank you both. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Dawn Of A New Day via Palette Knife

Dawn Of A New Day - Kim
By Johanna Spinks
Oil on linen via palette knife
All images copyrighted

It has taken me a while to get this portrait on canvas with my palette knife. I met this beautiful young lady last year learning about her very inspiring life story which I can't share here but I am hoping my painting of her shows my depth of feeling for this outstanding young woman.

Kim is one of those types of people that teaches others through her life story more than she could possibly know. We started out with a life sitting and then my palette knife took over from there. It wasn't an easy flow, as often happens when you are so engaged in something as an artist, and want to get it just right.

I may still have a bit of tweaking to do but the story in paint feels mostly told. Thank you Kim.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Handsome And Then Some.

Oil on linen, via palette knife
By Johanna Spinks

A great life sitting this week with the ever so handsome Salvatore. Such a classical face to paint. Yummy features and soulful eyes. When he walked in the room, I knew it was going to be a great few hours exploring his face with my palette knife. Hope you like.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Come Paint With In The Himalayas?

Join me for an unforgettable painting workshop to India, Fall 2016, non-painting partners welcome.
INDIA is a painter's dream. The sights and colors will not only challenge and charm your brush but take your breath away. From ancient temples, historic interiors and mountain ranges to working craftsmen and sari clad beauties, you will paint it all with me in this workshop in a way perhaps you have never done before and never will again on a painting trip.

This once in a lifetime workshop will focus on quick sketches 'out and about' of the local sights and people and even some interiors of the wonderfully historical places we will be staying. You will return home with a perfect painted record/journal  of your trip from which you can then make larger paintings at home. All mediums welcome. The images below are a sample of quick sketch I painted on the streets during my recent trip to India. On enrollment a supply list will be provided to you with suggestions on packing light for painting. I thank Yasin at Indus Tours in the U.K. for coming up with this amazing itineray, prompted by my last trip. We are staying in some breath-taking historical places. Join me for an incredible painting/life experience full of the sights, sounds and, oh, yes, those colors of India?

Email me with any questions or for complimentary trip catalog mailed to you.  For full details of itinery and pricing go here:

Examples of my quick sketch painted out and about on the streets of India Fall 2014

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cheers! A Painting Toast To California

Cheers! Some good news. This painting of mine just got accepted into "A Toast To California Regional and Seasonal Show" run by the prestigious California Art Club.

As followers of this blog will know, this is from a series of paintings I am slowly working on called "High Days and Holidays" which I enjoy doing between my portrait commissions.

I have been blessed this year with some juried competition success with these paintings which is very rewarding including the "On Location in Malibu Show"at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum, closing today and the spring CAC "Romancing Europe" show.

I do these paintings just for myself to explore the play of light and color and the joy of life I see around me.  My heart and whimsy sure go into them. At first I was a little nervous putting them out into the world. But I am told when you feel this way about your art, it is a very good sign.

I hope you like...

"Cambria Wine Festival"
By Johanna Spinks
oil on linen panel
To see more of my fine art gallery, please visit

Show details here:

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Best Kind of Day?

The Best Kind of Day
Johanna Spinks
oil on linen via palette knife

What's the best kind of day for me? A brand new model who is excited to be painted. And then painting alongside a good artist friend chatting while we go christening her lovely new studio. Via palette knife. Three hour sitting - ish.