Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fly on The Studio Wall...Portrait Video

Always fun to be a fly on the studio wall...

This is beautiful songstress Mather Louth who I painted from life in three sittings of around 3 hours each, 30x40".

The pose was inspired by a favorite painting of mine by master portrait artist Philip De Laszlo who painted more kings and queens than any other portraitist ever during his reign of  portrait fabulousness in the early 1800's  after taking over from John Singer Sargent when Sargent got tired of painting swagger portraits and people complaining there was  "something wrong about the mouth". Sargent's quote not mine.

I have long felt a tie to Mr. De Laszlo. This previous post explains why.

Thank you also to Ms. Mather Louth. She is extraordinary in so many ways fronting the band Heathen's Apostles.