Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Other Art Fair - What Was This Show Like?

It's been a whirlwind few weeks with the Calfornia wildfires and I have not had time to post having been evacuated. A lot of people are going thru so much. We lost over half our neighborhood. It looks like  a war zone.

But I said I would report back on my POP-Trait! portrait showing at Saatchi's "The Other Art Fair" in Los Angeles at Santa Monica airport, especially for other artists who may be considering doing it. It was a very postive four day experience for  me -which happened just before the fires.

The opening night was great, good foot traffic and I got some terrific leads,  one of which was an inquiry about licensing my work. Contracts have just been signed. More on that later. Some commission inquiries too.  Foot traffic on the Friday and Saturday could have been a little busier. Sales were not the point of exhibiting here for me. Some artists were definitely selling and some artists were definitely not. If you plan on doing The Other Art Fair for brisk sales, I would say, think again. For me, the aim was networking and showing a new collection/body of artwork in front of actual eyeballs, the general public, instead of social media. This was very postive.

The Fine Art Ledger highlighted my POP-Trait! collection as being among its' favorite artwork at the show. How cool is that!


I also did a portrait demo at The Other Art Fair and that was well received and I thank ArtModelShannon for donating her time to sit for me. We also did a small POP-UP showing of her lovely white figure china sculptures called "Femme-guerines".

The Saatchi show organisation was good. The Saatchi people were friendly too. I think they could have been a little more generous with some free drink tickets though on the Opening Night.

Just so you know, you are hand-juried into this show. They had 800 applicants for 120 spots for my show. But you still pay a fair sum for the actual space rental, liability insurance, etc. Saatchi has a big PR machine behind it, one of the reasons I knew it would be good to show with them. Its' PR lived up to my expectations.

The Other Art Fair runs shows across the world throughout the year. Los Angeles will have two shows in under 12 months . I  personally would perhaps wait a while until I did the next one rather than jump in to another one  too soon.

Thanks to everyone who attended and showed me their support. It was much appreciated.

If you have questions about the show,  feel free to email me at

Opening night with beautiful Rachel, one of my sitters. 

Day 2...
Portrait Demo With ArtModelShannon

ArtModelShannon sits for me...
ArtModelShannon's POP-Up "Femme-guerinnes"

Lynette, a sitter, strikes a pose.

ArtModelShannon with her portrait behind from an earlier sitting. 

Stuntman Patrick, one of my sitters. 
The Gang.
The Demo, Two Hours. 



Thank you to The Fine Art Ledger for giving a nod to my showing at The Other Art Fair. Los Angeles