Friday, February 26, 2016

Corporate Portrait Love

Feeling the corporate portrait love...a successful unveiling of mine today in North Carolina. Thanks to the Art Spirit and great clients -like this wonderful man I had the privilege to meet and paint.

Corporate Portrait
By Johanna Spinks

Unveiling today
I met this gentleman in person last year for a life sitting to start the portrait process. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

David Bowie...

I was in a retro nostalgia Bowie mood and invited the incredible @vnixie to sit for me today, via palette knife,  to capture that feeling. She is perfection, as was he. 

I was lucky to meet Bowie once, a long time ago. You could feel his presence in the room. Such a genius creator and innovator. 

Life is sadder with this legend gone but of course he is just with Major Tom. Back shortly. 

By Johanna Spinks
Via Palette Knife
16 x 20"

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

You Had Me...At Merlot

"You had Merlot". Valentines' Day can't start soon enough.  Happy Valentines' Weekend Everyone.

Pen and Watercolor
By Johanna Spinks
Print for sale here:

Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm Going "Under The Knife" - Museum Show

I'm going "Under The Knife"! Super excited to be invited by the Museum of Ventura County to showcase my palette knife portrait work at the Tool Room Gallery thru April, opening reception April 1st. Thank you to my friends at the Museum.

 I am thrilled to show this journey I have been on over the last couple of years after randomly picking up the palette knife late one night to see how I could use it in my portrait work.

It was really hard at first being so used to the brush, especially painting sitters from life. I didn't want the work to look slap-dash with that knife, but kind of refined. I stuck with it.  I have got faster and more accurate painting from life with that knife.  I chose to paint people who told a life story in some way, about not only theirs but mine. Close acquaintances and also people whose story had moved me. 

Most of all I feel I am 'home" with that palette knife. I will never now put it down.

Mark your calendars for the opening night April 1st!  Would love to see you there to share in this special and very personal art moment for me.

Under The Knife
By Johanna Spinks
The Museum of Ventura County
Tool Room Gallery thru April 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Joan Benedict Steiger's Brooklyn Baby

Honored that Hollywood grande dame Joan Benedict Steiger is including this life sketch I did of her in her new memoirs "Brooklyn Baby".

"General Hospital" star Joan, (also actor Rod Steriger's wife) is my latest Face of Malibu sitter and boy, does she have some stories to tell. Such a lovely talented lady. Read more about her incredible life story in the link below.

Joan Benedict Steiger
Sitter number 41, The Face of Malibu Portrait Project
Kindly appearing in The Malibu Times