Sunday, January 10, 2010

365 Days of Drawing Challenge - 357 to go...

"THE SARTORIALIST" is my favorite blog,a fascination shared by my youngest daughter. It has more followers than Obama and Time Magazine has given it an award. You can't even become a follower anymore as it has more fans than the blogging system can handle. I am sure my blog will soon have the same problem. Ha!

AS my daughter was heading out for the airport yesterday for her big five month trip to study the environment in South Africa, she grabbed a lime green scarf in true Sartorialist style. chuckled about it. I grabbed my camera knowing this would be my drawing for the day when I returned home from the airport.

I got back tired from the day's big emotional event, and lots of driving, but knew I had to draw.

I am still tired this morning. So this is short. But I like my drawing and I nailed it down fast. Things are speeding up from the daily discipline.

Let's hope that continues. I am doing a public portrait demo today for The Santa Paula Art Group which I am looking forward to...those things are always kind of a "stunt" but I have a feeling I am sharpened up after eight days straight of drawing and a head study for life.

I will let you I just need to find the right scarf that would make The Sartorialist proud if he happens to be hanging out in Santa Paula today.


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