Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365 Days of Drawing Challenge - 361 to go...

The hunt is now on early evening in my home, not for the perfect glass of something nicely chilled, but to find an image I WANT to draw. That will get the juices flowing. Last night I spent almost as much time finding what I wanted to draw as actually drawing. I was really tired after a day at the studio and didn't feel like drawing at all.

The search was a good idea. The drawing came fast and easy unlike the night before. Not that I didn't want to draw Keri the night before, because I did- and do.

Previous nights I would cook a nice dinner, enjoy maybe a glass of wine, that has gone out of the window for this challenge so far. It is taking time but I am enjoying the discipline. I also have a renewed respect for Julie Powell (Julie and Julia movie) who cooked all those complicated french recipes after a day at the office. She gave me the idea to do this.

This next drawing is of a young lady I met at Cafe Noir in France during my recent painting trip there. She didn't speak a word of English but was incredibly gracious when I got my big old camera out. I must have shot 50 frames of her. Smoking a cigarette, eating a baguette. I wouldn't let ANYONE photo me that way. I surprised she didn't slap me. TantePis!

She was also incredibly natural in front of the camera which is kind of rare.

Today will be a REAL challenge to get the drawing in. I am painting at the new studio during the day. I want to get an hour of post-holiday exercise in (long overdue) before driving one and a half hours in rush hour traffic to paint at the Open House this evening at The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art to push my teaching class next week, and then 60 minutes home late. And I want to paint NOT draw at the Open House in prep. for my public painting demo on Sunday.

Will I pull it off? Will I hit a stumbling block? Wait and see.

Please post!

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