Friday, January 8, 2010

365 Days of Drawing Challenge - 359 to go...

I AGREE with John Singer Sargent, the greatest portraitist of them all. There is often "something wrong about the mouth" in portraits, including mine. But never on a commission, ha ha!

I was reminded of this Wednesday as I was painting my head study from life, posted here. My mouth needed to be better. Softer, more lucious. Less hard-lined overall but the perfect little hard lines in the right places.

Pucker up old gal, I said to myself. Put your drawing money where your mouth is.

With that in mind, I decided last night just to draw a mouth.

Ok...truth be told I was ridiculously short on time getting my daughter ready for her epic five month trip to South Africa, leaving tomorrow. She was also cooking an elaborate organic dinner for us. Decisions had to be made. I had to chew things over.

I mouthed off a bit about my challenge to my family over dinner and then they pushed me to my drawing board and insisted I get cracking.

This mouth took me exactly 34 minutes from 8.02 pm to 8.36 pm.

The head study two and a half hours with breaks.

Today I am planning on a longer drawing and also taking pictures of my daughter- to draw her while she is far away.



Marian Fortunati said...


What a family... someone's always off on an adventure!!! eursala

Anonymous said...

I absolutley LOVE your artowrk on "The Mouth" FYI, you do mouths beautifully, as well as eyes....your experience as a Makup Artist has definetly given you a heads up on faces!

The Josie Baggley Company said...

and oh what a beautiful mouth it is! I like the fade out.