Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Cobalt Blues...365 Days of Drawing

This paint tube almost squeezed the life out of me. It was Friday night. I had cooked a lovely dinner after coming home from painting at the studio. The last thing I wanted to do was draw. This is often my problem in the evening which is why this challenge to draw every day is good for me.

I thought a humble paint tube would get me in and out fast so I could get on to more fun things on a Friday night.

Wrong. My Old Holland Cobalt Blue got the better of me. Must be all that pure pigment in the brand.

This is the first drawing of the month I put to one side to finish when I woke up after about 45 minutes of drawing frustration. This morning I wrapped it up in about 10 minutes. Go figure.

Approx. 5" x 8"

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