Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pink donut saves artists' bacon...365

Well, I did it but only just. A simple pink donut saved my bacon in the daily drawing challenge. I have always liked pink donuts. They excite me.

I was looking for every reason to get out of drawing last night. I had done a head study demo from life in my new teaching class during the day that I figured could easily count as my 30 minutes of daily drawing. The block-in is drawing afterall. And then there are ALL those sketches in my sketch books of old I could steal from. No-one would know.

I was reasoning this out with my husband after we got back pretty late from dinner and wine. He gave me a look, a look that said NO. I have to thank him actually for his support in this venture.

I should also mention that I am trying not to do "copy" drawings of other artists work in this challenge. I know that is very useful to do and I have sketch books filled of tons of copies of Kinstler, Vilppu, Brideman, et al., from other the years. I think so much copying was holding me back in a way. It was time to move forward.

So I am trying to develop my own personal drawing style along with the brain hand co-ordination which is harder in a way. When you copy another artist's drawing, part of the hard work is already done for you. The edges thought out, the shading down pat.

But when you are putting down something on paper through your own eyes, you have to think a little more in my opinion. And it takes a little longer. At this point in my art, it is important not only to paint like ME, but also to draw like ME.



Julie Hill said...

yum-yum...keep up the phenomenal work....such a challenge and you are doing it!!!

Shelley Wendland said...

Hi, Johanna, LUV the doughnut. Want to eat the doughnut....

I've been thinking -- when is a drawing a drawing and when does it become a painting? I love the red gouache but isn't it applied painterly? Of course, one can draw with paint, I know, but...I am confused as to the definitions or differences between the two -- or maybe there is none. Any comments, teacher?


Dixie Kee said...

Love the doughnut and really like what you said. So inspiring.

Julie Hill said...

Yes Johanna...I am with Shelley above...please share with us!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thanks all...I am glad we cleared that up!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Johanna,
Very nice work. I also was wondering about the drawing vs painting thing too.
Had to sign this one because my earliest memory of my Grandpa was of him teaching my mom to make donuts at our house and he made icing and of course one of the colors was pink.
Killer work Johanna.