Friday, August 12, 2011

How to paint a demo...what was I thinking?

Well, what do I know really? But this is my class demo from The California Art Institute this week. So here is what was I thinking?

*when will this get easier?

*why can't I paint like my idols?

*why can't I paint like myself?

*planes, planes, planes and not the flying kind.

*edges, edges, edges. I want a 'distressed' kinda look to the study.

*hold on to the transparent dark side of form on this thirsty paint sucking board, no matter what.

*did that student just leave because he has a stomach ache or is bored?

*my likeness is good and fast...GREAT as I have still been working on my drawing since my 365 day drawing challenge ended.

*why do my fingers end up in the paint almost as much as my brush?

*lead poisoning will kill me before I ever get "this" painting thing the way I want it.


Mary Aslin said...

There is beautiful edge work and poetry in this piece. I really love it. Keep on....anxieties obviously are inspiring you to greatness beyond what you can see in the moment.

Mary Aslin said...

Oh....and those small touches of cool amidst the warm....perfect! Just perfect!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you Mary. Your work is rather brilliant. I am a big fan. Love the feedback. And I do like this demo despite my words...