Sunday, August 21, 2011

The New Romantic Figure Show Opening...What was I thinking?

I went to the opening of 'The New Romantic Figure" show last night in California considering myself a bit of a romantic now and again.

It was a smaller show than I was expecting. It was a good show. I enjoyed it. Happy to see artists I really admire, like Jeremy Lipking, show me once again how a figure should be painted.

Lipking's work is flawless. A master. Period. Click here

Seeing the whole collection, I was also reminded , and oddly reassured, of the challenges us artists face painting the figure well, romantically or not. Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy. Good values and accurate drawing in the right place. There are no short cuts. There is no forgiveness in a badly rendered neck, deltoid muscle or hand. Time put in results in, well, good results out.

I was also stunned by some of the frames on these paintings. They looked like huge pieces of coffin-esque furniture and surely cost as much. I could take a pass on those.

One huge drawing by Russian born artist Alexey Steele Click here was worth the visit alone. Where did he get a piece of drawing paper that large, we were all wondering? He spent a long time on that drawing, that I can tell you. And it was masterful.

Alexey Steele coined the term "Novorealism", a new art movement spearheaded with his talented art buddies Jeremy Lipking and Tony Pro. Click here The movement's aim, I believe, is about reviving romantic realsim and idealism in this new century but don't quote me on that. Art movements come and go, names sounding a bit like birth control are chosen, but I think these three stellar guys, Pro, Steele and Lipking are going to be a big force for quite while with their work. A sturdy base of a three-cornered art pyramid, that others will build on, and aspire upwards to greater heights.

Catch the show...worth the visit.

Kwan Fong Gallery
California Lutheran University
60 West Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
August 20 thru' September 30

Featuring work by Jeremy Lipking, Tony Pro, Michael Lynn Adams, Peter Adams, Cyn McCurry, Michael Pearce, Mia Tavonatti

Image posted here is nothing to do with this show. It is by me and I feel quite romantic about it.

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David Magallanes said...

Johanna, I, too, enjoyed the show, as well as seeing you and Patty there. We both seem drawn to the same works--you possibly because of your professional artistic criteria and background, and I because of my artistic family history. I do hope we get to see more of this art around here. There is so much other art out there that I just don't "get"--not that I'm supposed to, I've been told. But I do "get" romantic art in the sense that it stirs something deep inside and gives me a deeper look into our humanity. And that includes =your= work. I can see how last night's exhibit moved you to post this today. And I'm grateful.