Sunday, March 14, 2010

And the finish...365 Days of Drawing

And the finish today...

French photo is the view of the River Rance from my studio in Dinan. Imagine waking up to that every day.

Other photos are today's Sunday breakfast and the view from my 'garden' this beautiful sunny time-change morning in California. GRATITUDE! I really must get out and paint my new 'hood.


Anonymous said...

Johanna, just read your previous entries...and wanted to say that I so feel you. I find it a challenge, as a "daily painter", to find that balance, of being in the moment of creating, of "getting it out there" and then this whole cyber-network web we find ourselves sucked up and tangled in. Not to mention the psychological, spiritual, physical and emotional issues of committing ourselves to a task. Life is about living...a dynamic process of ever changing points...not just about getting from one point to another (i.e. 365 days of drawing). I agree with your current philosophy...keep at your personal commitment of daily drawing...with the goal of enhancing your creative self...and share when the spirit leads you. For me when I do this, the process is much more freeing and fulfilling, and less obligatory and "task oriented"... well thanks for listening...either way girlfriend you are doing a fabulous job and to be commended on your dedication and especially your honesty in this process.

roseanne said...

Jo, love the view of your "hood"!! Now I must come visit...nice to live right on water! I loved it when I lived right on the channel in MDR, especially in June when the fog comes in and you hear the fog horn blow!! Do you have a little dinghy? How fun!!! Your commitment to this challenge is to be commended!! Thank you! Went shopping for the perfect frame today for "Cup of Tea". Friends drove in for the day to play, they both fell in love with your drawings that I you have 2 new admirers that will be following you reguarly!!! Spreading the word of your work!!

xo Roseanne

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

thanks ladies for the post. Yes, Roseanne. I have a duffey boat. Glad you lke Cup of Tea. I think that was a good one.

Julie, well said, as always.