Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shoot the breeze...365 Days of Drawing

I had a wonderful time last night shooting the breeze with Sheldon Brown, publisher of The Ventura Breeze newspaper, whilst painting his likeness for the world to see at The Bell Arts Factory Open House, part of Ventura's highly successful First Fridays of The Month art night series.

It was a busy night at the studios including a great new show "March" at Vita Art Center Gallery featuring the work of over 50 female artists.

I was so happy to see so many really young children stop by and be interested in what we were all doing with the paints, ceramics, glass, yarn and clay. I got some great critiques from them on my portrait of Sheldon as it was developing. Kids are so honest.

I post the drawing part of the head study of Sheldon to qualify for my daily drawing challenge.

There is NOTHING better than having someone sit for you like Sheldon. witty conversation, a great visage, and a connection leading to some satisfying portrait painting capturing a likeness of that person, that particular moment in time and space, reminding me why I so enjoy being a portrait artist. Wonderful also to hear the feedback from other artists and art fans milling around the studios of the Factory.

Thank you Sheldon. And thanks to The Bell Arts Factory and Josh Addison for all that goes on there. It is a great vibrant place to be.

Nothing french today in terms of photos from my residency in France. I am off to the movies with my daughter instead to see Alice in Wonderland.

YOU JUST KNOW tonight's drawing will have some of that in it!


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Joshua Addison said...

What fun to see your work with Sheldon from last night Johanna! It was a lively evening indeed. I heard from several people how much they enjoyed seeing you creating your art. Thanks so much for bringing your positive spirit and terrific talent to our community experience at Bell Arts Factory. Dedication!! Josh