Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Duck's Back?...365 Days of Drawing

One thing I have really learned from this daily drawing challenge (doing it on top of anything that is going on in the studio or my life) is that I have days when I just don't draw as well. When the juices aren't flowing no matter how hard I try. This whole week seems to be one LONG day which is messing with my head.

I am very annoyed by this. I am almost at the end of my third month in this challenge and feel my drawing should be water off a duck's back by now.

It is not. Some of these drawings are taking WAY longer than my 30 minute supposed challenge a day as I battle to get it right.

This was last night's drawing. Supposed to be a lace cover over her head. I suspect it looks more like an egg-white omlette. Duck eggs?


Roseanne said...

now you must stop beating yourself up! Not every drawing is going to have that WOW's just a fact of life...surely there is some quality that you gain from doing so each and every nite that you fail to give credit to ???? Have you ever thought to present exactly what you drew in 30 minutes time.....fini.......personally, I think that the subject will fly off the brush only when you are doing something you truly love or a real interest in drawing instead of it being a subject for the exercise/challenge...

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Good comment Rosie...thank you.

I KNOW the thing I AM getting from doing this challenge precisely. The repeated exercise of hand to eye co-ordination in a 24 hour period. Huge. And the WHOLE point of it to be honest. However, as an makeup artist, you also understand Rosie, the perfectionist streak. And that HAS to there in humble opinion to improve one's skills. Not enough to just "do" in my opinion. One needs to push.

Your comment about "truly loving it" flying off the brush, so TRUE.

"REAL INTEREST in drawing" let me tell you, the other thing I KNOW for sure. I could not have got this far in this challenge without it.

This is not a casual thing. A daily challenge brings out emotions. Good, bad or otherwise.

And I chose to share those thoughts honestly.

Marian Fortunati said...

I admire you!!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Back at you Marian...Jx

Anonymous said...

Oh I can just imagine the struggles...well no I can't because I am to afraid to make a commitment like you have. You are to be admired for your dedication, your commitment, your TALENT, but most importantly, your transparency (and I don't mean in your watercolors)...your honesty that you have shared with us in this process thus far. Thank you.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you so much Julie...I appreciate that. Sometimes I really do feel that I am OUT a little too publicly around this challenge. Time will tell.