Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Like It Hot...365 Days of Drawing

I did this drawing while watching the Oscars last night. The drawing took way too long. I really would rather have been drawing Sandra Bullock's shimmery whisper of a BLING dress.

Apart from that HOT dress, I thought the Oscars were boring. I was glad I had a drawing to show for my evening watching it even tho' my drawing seems hard to read today. You always hope for that one great moment watching the Oscars when convention is left behind and someone does something or says something earth-shatteringly good or poignant.

I am reminded of a quote my husband repeated from Seth Godin this birthday weekend when I expressed disappointed at certain things I had seen in my art life recently around competitions, etc. "Create art so stunning, there hasn't yet been a prize invented for it."

This resonated with me. So that is my plan for the week. What's yours? What' s James Cameron's? Create another Avatar?

My french photo is of a little something that I thought matched the French Maid meets Marilyn Monroe famous subway "air-stream" pose in the movie Some Like It Hot (maybe?), plus some birthday BLING from yesterday's festivities, a Mad Hatter's Tea Party of sorts. I am sure the platter was french! The movie Alice In Wonderland was amazing folks.

Thanks to my family for a lovely weekend, especially Jess for coming all the way home!

This drawing for sale via blog.

11"x 16"


Julie Hill said...

Johanna, thanks for sharing the quote...gave me a little bump back into artistic reality...I am doing this to get out what God has put in...for the expression of me, for the beauty of it all...not for "others", not for "those that are looking at if the 't' is crossed or 'i' dotted...happy creating to you my friend

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Hear, hear Julie...