Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sizzle?..365 Days of Drawing

This is my drawing for the day, demo from my teaching class at California Art Institute. I forgot to take a pic of the actual 'drawing' start as people were watching me, asking questions, and I had only an hour of painting time to get this done. Blogging slipped my mind!

This wasn't as good as last week's demo where I sizzled and nailed it; likeness, attitude, feel and great drawing all in just over an hour but certainly competent enough.

One can't sizzle each time.



Roseanne said...

1 hour? Obviously it flew off the brush, sizzle is your middle name!

Roseanne said...

1 hour? that is a Wow and so I guess it did fly off the brush today!!! thought of you all day today...donated my services as Makeup Artist for a Fashion Show @ The Riviera here in Palm Springs today as part of Fashion Week here in the Desert this week....I wanted to do it to keep my skills fined tuned, definetly a time challenge...5 faces in less than 2 hrs...NOT the young beautiful faces of Models of LA and the Runway....everyday people...what was nice was the apprecitive factor!! ladies form 22 to 65...none were a wow factor in my opinion but doing full on beauty in 1/2 hr lashes & all was a good least they felt beautiful and walked the walk on the runway...tried to post this on your FB page but it didn't post?